Why Y?

The Scratch videos are presented by an animated character that looks like a green letter Y.

Y (=Why?) represents Inquiry-based learning. Inquiry-based learning is about asking questions. Students should be actively involved in the learning process and not passive receivers of information. 

Y is green. Green symbolizes the fertility of the land and Y is very aware of sustainability, eco-friendly projects, recycling, green energy, and conservation.

Y is not gender or colour or race or religion specific and represents all curious students of all ages looking for answers and better solutions for the future.  

Y  encourages everybody to contribute to the brainstorm activities, even if the idea is “crazy”. Y rather says: “Why not?”

Y also reminds of the road sign indicating a fork in the road. Y  always looks for alternative solutions and asks whether the current solution is the best solution.

There is a green Y in the center of the South African flag. The two green lines coming together can symbolize all people coming together to work for a united South Africa.

Each lesson includes real-life scenarios and problem statements that require students to innovate and build a prototype on a small scale or write a program that can solve the problem.