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I am Marina Myburgh, a retired teacher with a passion for teaching coding.

I completed my BSc degree with Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics as well as my Post Graduate teachers diploma, BEd and MEd at the University of Johannesburg. I taught Mathematics at various schools and also offered private tutoring in Mathematics from 1980 to 2001or a number of years.

I taught Computer Science HG and SG and when the subject name was changed to Information Technology I taught IT from 1992 until 2018.

I taught Turbo Pascal when our computers still ran on MSDOS. Our school was one of the first schools to start teaching Delphi in 2001 and when my school joined the IEB, I taught JAVA with Netbeans for 5 years.

I presented the Delphi Winterschool at the University of Johannesburg for 6 years and I was the Internal Moderator for Information Technology for a number of years and also authored three textbooks for Delphi, specifically for the CAPS curriculum.

I am passionate about STEM subjects, Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I have experimented with 3D printing and CNC laser cutting and I taught the juniors how to use SketchUp to design for the 3D printer and how to use Inkscape to design for the laser cutter. In 2017 I received the Tech teacher of the year award from ISPA.

I am very excited about the idea to teach coding to younger learners in South Africa. I decided to make lesson plans to help teachers who are new to coding.

Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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